Youth Committee Staff

The Youth Committee Team is made up of the members in the associational churches of Tri County. They volunteer their giftedness and experience to plan and implement the youth activities for the youth of the Tri County area. They meet as needed and are involved in budgeting, scheduling, and organizing the youth activities and are valuable when it comes to the specifics of our associational Fuel Rallies and Youth Camps. 


Kirk Martin

  Send Email  •  (870)362-4340


Todd Gregory

  Send Email  •  (870)261-3587

Todd is the Student Minister at Forrest City First in Forrest City, Arkansas. He also serves the Association as the Full Rally Coordinator. 


Colleen Forrest

  Send Email  •  (901)674-9209

Colleen serves as the Associational Children's Camp Director and our very own Committee secretary. She brings years of management experience and passion for youth to our association.

Student Pastor / Wynne Baptist

Brad Branham

  Send Email  •  (870)208-7879

Brad currently serves as Student Minister at Wynne Baptist Church. Brad brings much experience and insight to how ministry works and what it looks like. He's a Student Minister and knows how to do EVERYTHING. After all he's a Student Minister!!!  Did I mention that he's a Student Minister?

Committee Member

Mary Bob Hay


Mary Bob serves as a valuable member of the Colt Baptist Church. With a heart for God and His people, she understands the church's mission and volunteers her time in both the WMU and as Youth Leader. She is also a key part of the church's Outreach Team.