Camp Rental Rules and Regulations
For Groups Renting Camp
  1. The following will NOT be permitted: Firearms, Alcoholic Beverages, Illegal Narcotics, Obscene Speech, No Smoking allowed inside the buildings, fireworks, loud music or shouting.
  2. Quiet Time is 10:30 pm until 6:00 am
  3. No pranks are allowed that may embarrass someone, hurt someone, or damage property.
  4. No rough playing inside the buildings.
  5. No water guns or water balloons or silly string or any thing that could cause personal injury or property damage is allowed inside the buildings.
  6. No food allowed in lodge bed rooms or hall ways.
  7. No one is allowed in shop.
  8. No one is allowed around caretaker’s home or walking through their yard. (The Caretaker lives in the Double-wide trailer on the backside of the campus.)
  9. No throwing rocks.
  10. No playing with water faucets.
  11. Don’t drive fast through camp grounds.
  12. The Kitchen-Worship Building is closed at 10:00 P.M.
  13. Pool is closed after dark.
  14. No dirty dishes left in the Lodge kitchen.
  15. Those who rent a portion of the camp Lodge will only be allowed to use the portion that they  have agreed to rent. (For Example: If your group rents only six rooms in the lodge then the other rooms as well as the conference room and kitchen will be off limits. You will enter the lodge from the end of the building instead of going through the main conference room. Another Example: If your group rents only the Kitchen and Conference room then all the bedrooms will be locked. We have installed new locks to ensure this policy.)
  16. Adults are responsible for keeping children under control.
  17. Dorms / Living quarters must be keep clean and orderly. Clothes & towels picked up, floors swept.
  18. Notify the Camp Caretaker / Manager of any problems with bathrooms, lights,..etc.
  19. Keep the campus as clean as you found it. (Every group is expected to keep the campus as clean as you found it. We will provide your group with whatever is necessary to clean up after yourselves with such as: mops, brooms, cleaning supplies,…etc.)
  June 2021  
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